Visit to Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine – 2016

Training trainers at PSACEA, Dnepropetrovsk, 15-19 March 2016

Meeting of SEHSI consortium in Dnepropetrovsk had multipurpose character. EU and UA partners (authors, evaluators, IT experts & students) took part in diverse activities. The work was highly fruitful and efficient. A whole range of deliverables were produced. The meeting was greeted by Rector of PSACEA Prof. V. Bolshakov. Vice-Rector of PSACEA Prof. B. Dikarev presented international activity of PSACEA (WP7). UA SEHSI coordinator Prof. T. Sergeyeva introduced into SEHSI state of the art in the context of all WPs & outlined upcoming tasks in logics of 1) achievements; 2) tasks to be completed; 3) resources needed; 4) actions planned (WP8). Special program was devoted to SEHSI pilot training (WP4) including: 1) presenting best project reflecting Module 1 and 2 content by PSACEA students; 2) delivering lecture by supervisor of Module 1 Dr. Ana Grgic (University of Split, HR); 3) delivering lecture by supervisor of Module 2 Prof. Prof. A.M.Baldo (UPV, Valencia, ES). Students’ projects reflected the competences gained within Modules 1 & 2. As a result the students were awarded official certificates signed by EU & UA Modules supervisors. Similar practice of presenting projects for international jury as a proof of gaining competence within the first term of Pilot Phase is expected to be performed during planned meeting in Kharkov and Odessa. Gained experience of Pilot training quality control in the format of practical projects & EU professors lectures in video-conference format can be recommended for dissemination not only within project activity but also for wider public. A whole range of visits in the context of RSD of Dnepropetrovsk (WP2) were organized: 1) Tour of Zaporizhzhia city ; 2) Visit to Cossack History Museum on Khortytsia island; 3) Visit to Zaporizhzhian Hydro Power Station founded in 1927-1932; 4) Visiting PSACEA’s Centre for Academic Success. Presentation of the newly opened “Collaboration Space” (“Espace collaborative”); 4) visiting lectures on climate change and environment within the framework of COP-21 by Assoc.Prof.V.Petrenko, Dean of the Faculty of Life Safety and Maintenance Technologies; 5) tour of Dnipropetrovsk museums and sights of historical heritage. Cross-cultural issues were reflected within tour of Dnipropetrovsk museums and sights of historical heritage, visit to Opera and Ballet Theatre (WP7).