Visit to Lviv, Ukraine – 2014

Training of the trainers visit to IALPNU, Lviv, Ukraine (21-25 October, 2014)

European and Ukrainian experts took part in a range of training events for SEHSI professors and practitioners on the bases of sharing experience between SEHSI and SEHUD projects during visit to IALPNU. The program included: for CU authors sharing experience in developing training materials for RSD course by EU experts (WP2); for mentors sharing experience in using e-learning platform (based on MOODLE) within pilot phase by IT experts (WP3); for coordinators sharing experience in in managerial (WP8) and project promotion (WP7) issues by EU experts.

Within dissemination meeting aimed at sharing experience between SEHSI and SEHUD projects CU authors have got experience in developing resources for training packages of SEHSI e-learning platform. EU experts in sustainable development Sebastian Macmillan, (IDBE, Cambridge, UK); Prof. Maria Gracia Folli & Nora Lombardini (POLIMI, Milan, Italy); Arch. Javier Monclus, (UZA, Saragossa, Spain); Prof.. Rositsa Nikiforova, (VFU, Varna, Bulgaria); Prof. Anna Antao (IPJ, Guarda, Portugal) shared their knowledge in sustainable development and methodology of training.

RSD self-developing knowledge base was supplemented by new materials.

Training was provided for mentors in using e-platform within pilot phase by the team of IT experts (P11, KNUCEA). They have been acquainted with e-platform structure and key functions.

Sharing experience in managerial and project promotion issues was provided by EU experts from Milan Polytechnics Sara Caspani and Ing. Fabricio Amarilli. Strategy for SEHSI promotion was proposed.