Visit to Orleans, France – 2014

Training of the trainers visit to Orleans (4-9 May, 2014)

A group of Ukrainian experts and coordinators attended training of the trainers meeting (WP1) which took place in Polytechnic of the University of Orleans (P2) 04-09 May 2014. They met POLIOR administration and team (WP7, 8): P. Devinant, C. Leger , M.L.Beuvray, S. Sizaret, D. Hoxha, X. Brunetaud, M. Bouasker, N. Belayachi, A. Letourner, C. Proust, and participated in the training “E-learning, pedagogic platforms organization and deploying”, “E-learning, everyday usage, demonstration of CELENE platform” provided by E. Trotin and D. Hoxha (WP3). The participants attended lectures with presentations of innovative education technologies: “Following of projects”, “New pedagogies: Teaching evaluation”, “Problem based and project-based teaching” (S. Sizaret, X. Brunetaud, D. Hoxha, N. Belayachi, M. Bouasker, C. Proust, L. Leforestier, Do D.) and visited POLIOR laboratories. POLIOR organized excursion to the local sites of sustainable regional development (WP2): “Orléans city: harmonizing of development and conservation”, “Chambord castle” (provided by X. Brunetaud, S. Janvier, D. Hoxha, S. Sizaret). The participants took part in the work of Orientation committee meeting: example of enterprise-school interaction reflecting University-Enterprise interaction (WP7) and agreed plan of future actions (WP8) concerning the organization of dissemination activity (WP6) in UA with inviting POLIOR experts for providing training of the trainers (WP1) in e-learning (WP3); introducing of “Local construction materials” course unit into the RSD curriculum (WP2); evaluation system development (WP5); RSD network development (WP7).