Visit to Paris, France – 2014

Training of the trainers visit to ECTI, Paris, France (3-7 December, 2014)

UA partners visited ECTI for gaining experience in multidisciplinary project development based on ECTI multidisciplinary nature and rich practical experience.

Boris Stchekin - CIS and Middle-East Director of ECTI - made opening presentation and described ECTI activities. Work on defining SEHSI competences profiles & descriptors (WP1.1) helped to specify RSD competences.

Claude Merle and Alain Cleret organized seminars on ISO 26000 standards and their relation to RSD (WP1.3) together with French legal norms and professional standards in RSD (WP1.3) that invested valuable materials for RSD self-developing knowledge base (WP2.2). ECTI partners also presented ECO district concept with some basic terms and materials concerning “Forum of Architects in Favour of Sustainable Construction in France” with “Summary of the Committee and Panel of Architects Study on Sustainable Development and Architecture” (WP2.2) that considerably enriched RSD self-developing knowledge base. Visits to manufacturing complexes that rely on principles of regional sustainable development (factories SEDIF in Mery-sur-Oise, AUror’Environment in Saint-Ouen-l’Amone and water treatment facilities in Neuville-sur-Oise) helped to see sustainable objects in action (WP1.3). Visit to campus Violia de Jouy-de-Moutier was a good example of big enterprise taking into consideration educational needs of its employees in the sphere of utility cervices (WP2.1).

In addition discussing managerial issues (WP8), dissemination activity as well as activity aimed at providing sustainability of SEHSI results (developing SEHSI interactive network and signing bilateral agreements with ECTI) were taken place. As a result 8 UA partners gained experience in RSD certified by ECTI.