Visit to Valencia, Spain – 2014

Valencia summer school (22 June-5 July, 2014)

A group of Austrian, Croatian, French, Slovenian, Spanish, UA tutors and MSc, PhD, LLL students attended summer school in Valencia devoted to the multicultural multidisciplinary group training in the field of RSD curriculum (WP2.2). Training program included: introductory lectures concerning history and state of the art (Valencia Northern Borders – VNB) delivered by Spanish professors (Angel Martinez Baldo, Paula Cardells, Juan Deltell, Juan Jose Galan), concept development of work in teams, visits to sites (VNB Huerta, Alboraya, San Miguel de los Reyes Monastery, Sociopolis, “la Albufera”), teamwork under tutors supervision dealing with analyses, sustainable strategies development and presentations. First week of summer school was dealt with SEHSI multidisciplinary teamwork when groups of architects, engineers, sociologists and IT experts developed their proposals for VNB sustainable development step by step including expressing impressions; analyses of advantages and conflicts; identifying aims; developing action plan. As a result working groups have developed their summarized vision of VNB problems solving that was shared with multinational groups of tutors and students (Great Britain, Switzerland, Macedonia, Bulgaria), that have arrived for the second week activity. This activity was divided into four studious (San Miguel, UPV Huerta, Carraixet, Ronda Nord voids) dealing with four thematic frameworks (redefinition of urban boundaries, reutilization of spaces, environmental integration, redefinition of relationships). Under tutors supervision 16 groups of students have developed a range of diverse concepts within chosen studio and thematic framework. They analyzed elements: geographical and landscape, infrastructure, urban fabric, present public projects. Summer school final presentations reflected efficient methodological approach and invested into RSD methodology and training materials development.