Visit to Vienna, Austria – 2015

Training of the trainers visit to TU Wien, Vienna, Austria (2-5 February, 2015)

During meeting of EU & UA project developers in Vienna discussion of RSD methodology based on system approach took place. Two-day workshop including: a) state of the art analyses; b) key problems identification by general session; c) discussion in small groups of RSD modules’ authors & supervisors; d) general session summery was fruitful and produced concrete results. State of the art analyses showed the following prerequisites for RSD course development: 1) questionnaire for identification RSD training materials by EU experts; 2) matrix of training resources for RSD self-developing knowledge base; 3) format of RSD course books; 4) UA authors’ package (annotation, table of content, glossary, CV); 5) format of e-learning materials (curriculum, syllabus, course unit, video lecture, PPT, self-developing knowledge base, virtual seminar & conference); 6) methodology of teamwork online; 7) structure of e-training platform (introduction, registration, zone of trainer: training, communication & information, evaluation; zone of student: training, communication, control & self-control; zone of administration: evaluation, information & communication; 8) infrastructure (multimedia class, e-expo center, national management center). General session identified key problems & tasks generalizing them in the format of 3-stage matrix including: 1) cognitive stage, 2) summer school/practical work stage, 3) project work stage. Each stage is divided into: a) preparatory activity, b) event, c) deliverables (output & outcome). This matrix served as strategic orientation for planning EU-UA collaborative activity. 1st stage preparatory activity is aimed at developing 30 training packages including: a) 30 course unit (CU) text-books (120 pages in Ukrainian & English) developed by UA authors with collaborative EU-UA introduction & cases presented by EU partners; b) 30 video lectures of CU authors; c) 300 CU PPT; d) 30 control & self-control units; e) self-developing knowledge base of RSD training materials (based on matrix generalizing RSD questionnaire); f) virtual seminars & conferences unit. 1st stage event is aimed at developing pilot phase training with the help of RSD e-training platform at 4 UA universities. 1st stage results includes: a) RSD methodology, b) 30 RSD training packages; c) RSD training package; d) 80 RSD course certified graduates. 2nd stage preparatory activity is in process of developing strategy by Split summer school team. 2nd stage events are summer schools in Valencia, Split & Ljubljana. For Split it was planned to send number & multidisciplinary teams selection within one week after Vienna meeting. 2nd stage results are methodology of summer schools & concrete cases (Valencia methodology & case description was planned to be delivered for RSD database). 3rd stage preparatory activity is in the stage of developing strategy. Alexander Buriak proposed to develop project in the format of business game. He will deliver methodology in the nearest future. 3rd stage event deals with developing projects at 4 UA universities and presenting them to international jury (distance format is possible) for awarding certificate of international level. 3rd stage results deal with methodology & projects. Discussion in small groups between CU authors & module’s supervisors resulted in working strategies of collaborative work, more precise definition of content & CU titles. It was agreed to send clarified materials for uploading to RSD database in two weeks after Vienna meeting. General session summery outlined the tasks (see above), the deadlines, the responsive person & the new date of pilot phase (1st week of October 2015). It was also agreed the dates of summer school in Split, visit to Kharkov in October 2015, dates of EACEA & NEO monitoring visit in October 2015 & refreshed travel plan.